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@International Donation Plan

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International Donation Plan
Theme of “International Donation Plan”:
Knowledge changes destiny, Vision determines the future!
To help youth in poverty areas to learn knowledge, widen the sight and get to know the world, and to help the poorest of the poor.
Goal of “International Donation Plan”:
We will build “Volunteer Libraries” for the 832 national level poverty counties and every county will have at least one volunteer library, and donate least 100 foreign language books, 1000 various kinds of books (including newspapers and magazines). Meanwhile we will donate the clothes, bed set and daily necessities based on the volunteer libraries to help the poverty alleviation in the poverty counties.

Requirement of the “International Donation Plan”:

Published in China/abroad and the languages can be Chinese or foreign languages, including but not limited to:
1.???? The textbooks and reading material of the kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, and the university level, and relevant e-books, audio and video products, software can be accepted.?
2.???? The children’s and youth’s books published in China/abroad.
3.???? The newspapers & magazines s published in China/abroad.
4.???? The art print, album of paintings and photo books.

- The books and magazines need to have complete appearance, clean, and no big areas of graffiti.
- The content of the books need to be healthy and no illegal, extreme, terror, pornography etc.
- Illegal and pirate copies will NOT be accepted.
- New/second-hand books will be accepted.

??Clothes and daily necessities:
- Need to have full appearance and full function, clean, hygeian and without damage.
- The picture/letters on the clothes should not concern illegal, extreme, terror, pornography etc.

?Donate to “International Donation Plan”:
1.?? Donors fill in the donation form (electronic or paper), indicate the donation information and ?contact information.
2.?? China Volunteers Association (CVA) will confirm and check the validity of the donation and give out the Volunteer Certification to the donors.
3.?? The donation information and the subsequent delivery of the donated materials will be published on CVA’s official website.
4.?? The donor can choose to be the volunteer of CVA and get connected to all kinds of volunteer events and activities.

??“International ?Donation Plan” Donation Form:
Click to fill in the donation form>>>

Click to download the donation plan:

? Contact Information:
China Volunteers Association
Tel:010-8299 7350
Mobile: +86-18519029120
Coordinator:Yu Mo (wechat:ccvayumo)
E-mail:china@ccva.com.cn | 18588148@qq.com?

Public Wechat:

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